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About Us

About Us

At Dozen Bakery, our philosophy is simple: we believe that putting the best into something yields the greatest result. We believe in QUALITY, so we choose to support vendors, farmers and artisans who believe in supporting the local community and who consistently deliver us the finest, freshest ingredients available. We value EDUCATION, teaching skills and encouraging curiosity about processes, ingredients and food. And we APPRECIATE our place in the tradition of bakers and craftspeople who work with their hands, recognizing that we work in a larger community of people seeking to support sustainable business practices. We value our work, ourselves and those we work alongside, as we strive for perfection while putting our unique selves into everything we make and do, day after day.


Dozen Bakery was never intended to make it this long.  Originally, it was started as a holiday cookie pop-up business that would exist for the last three months of 2009. Thanks to strong word-of-mouth popularity, some good press, finding some great help, Dozen continues to this day. We now have a bakery and café in Wedgewood-Houston, and continue to sell at the local farmers’ markets and sell to other local businesses and restaurants.  


516 HAGAN ST, SUITE 103, 37203    INFO@DOZEN-NASHVILLE.COM   (615) 712-8150


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Find Us

Find Us

The Bakery

Our bakery is located in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood in Nashville at: 

516 Hagan St  Suite 103
Nashville  37203
(615) 712-8150




We offer a variety of fresh baked breads and pastries available from open to close. If there's a specific bread or pastry you'd like, give us a call to place an order as we occasionally sell out. We serve our breakfast, lunch, and brunch menus during the following hours:

Monday - Friday

Open from 7am - 6pm
Breakfast served 7am to 11am
Lunch served 11am to 3pm

Open from 7am - 6pm
Brunch served 7am to 3pm

Open from 9am - 3pm
Brunch served 9am to 3pm



Our products are used or sold at the businesses listed below.

Marche (croissants and bread)
Margot (bread)
Marsh House (bread)
MEEL (bread)
Meet + Greet (pastries)
Merchants (upstairs restaurant - bread)
Makeready at Noelle (bread)
Osa (pastries)
Pinewood Social (pies, pastries, and bread)
Retrograde (pastries and bread)
Revelator (pastries and bread)
Stay Golden (bread)
Steadfast Coffee (bread)
Sump Coffee (pastries)
The Fox Bar and Cocktail Club (bread)
The Picnic Cafe (pies and pastries)
Three Brothers Coffee (pastries)
Ugly Mugs (pastries)
Urban Cowboy B&B (pastries)

404 Kitchen (bread)
Adele's Nashville (pastries and bread)
Bastion (bread) 
Butcher & Bee (bread)
Clawson's Pub and Deli (pastries)
CREMA (pastries)
Diskin Cider (bread)
Dose (croissants and bread)
Downtown Sporting Club (bread)
etc. (bread)
Falcon Coffee Bar (bread)
Fido (bread)
Fin & Pearl (bread)
Headquarters (pastries and bread)
Henrietta Red (bread)
TENN at Holston House (pastries and bread)
Jackalope Brewery (bread)
Josephine (bread)
Lazzaroli Pasta (bread)
Le Sel (bread)


Work With Us

Work With Us



Interested in working with us at Dozen Bakery?  We'd love to hear from you! If you have baking or food service experience that is a plus, but not required - we're willing to train the right, hardworking people. Complete the form below and send your resume to, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! 


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